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Scholarship Fundraisers in 2019

Part of the fundraising is we ask our community businesses for sponsorship of $50 or $100 donations. We had other events for fundraisers in 2019.

Music fundraiser March 2019 - Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs

ABWA members at music fundraiser March 2019 - raised $1000.

Fundraiser with Sasquatch Baseball mascot June 2019 - raised with 50/50 raffle, $174 + winner donated back $100 = $274.

Formerly called the "STRUT" (see info about STRUT below)

Some years, when schedules have allowed, a "STRUT" was scheduled to raise money for scholarships.  In other years, scholarship donations were solicited and donors are presented with a plaque to recognize their scholarship support.  To learn more about "STRUT," see rules listed below! 

Rules & Attire

Please review the rules with your team members:

Team Registration forms are available by email, all teams must register and sign the waivers prior to the start of the event.  Teams are $35 for 5 people and must be the same sex. 

Strutters shall wear proper attire listed below. NO Denim Jeans or Skirts, split skirts, skorts, shorts or Capris! Judges will be docking points for inappropriate attire.

 WOMEN—to be worn with athletic shoes only!

 · Skirt, dress slacks or dress with blazer or suit jacket; or

· Skirt, dress slacks or dress with logo’d company shirt, smock, jacket or vest; or

· Logo’d company uniform (for those companies whose uniforms include top and bottom)


MEN — to be worn with athletic shoes only!

· Dress slacks with tie & blazer or suit jacket; or

· Dress slacks with logo’d company shirt, smock, jacket or vest; or

· Logo’d company uniform (for those companies whose uniforms include top and bottom)


Judges will watch for the following items:

· Proper attire

· Correct strutting (one foot should always be touching the ground) don’t run

· Improper handoff or early start (be sure you do not hand off behind the start line or before the whistle)

· Touching the post (unnecessary roughness or knocking the post with the brief case)

· Improper turn (all strutters must go around the post from the left turning right)


Violations will be calculated as 15 seconds per violation added to the team time.


This is a timed race!  Usually it is not the fastest team that wins but the teams that has no violations!

Special door prizes will be drawn throughout the race.  The winning teams will be named shortly after the final heat of strutters. Snacks and water are provided for the strutters.

"STRUT" for Scholarships Fundraiser

How many oragnizations can you join only asks you to help one time a year to raise money for a great cause?

For 21 years our local chapter has been hosting an annual fundraiser where business men and women of the Northern Black Hills pick up the pace and “STRUT” their stuff in September every year at the Black Hills State University’s Donald Young Center Field House.

Participants in professional attire mixed with tennis shoes compete in a race-walk relay to support scholarships for BHSU.  Members of the five-person teams take turns carrying a messenger bag and a cell phone that doubles as a baton to complete a short trek. They have to walk, not run, but do it as quickly as they can to edge out the other teams.  There are men's and women's teams, and sometimes even one or more of each from the same business, which can increase the competitive spirit.

It started as a downtown event with team members each walking a city block before handing off the baton. Inclement weather moved it to the New York Plaza's covered parking area at the corner of Main Street and Jackson Boulevard. The event has since moved to the Black Hills State University’s Donald Young Center Field House. The event has grown over the years and now includes a significant amount of spectators cheering on their favorite teams.

Local businesses, individuals and organizations act as sponsors for $50 or $100 each, your choice, this money is specifically earmarked for the scholarship fund. A $35 team fee for the STRUT is given back to participants in the form of prizes, allowing all of the sponsorship money to be used for scholarships.

Winning teams earn medals, but everybody gets something for participating, thanks to the entry fees. Door prizes are also given away throughout the event.

Registration begins at 5:30 p.m., with the STRUT kicking off at 6.00 p.m. The whole thing is generally over before 7 p.m., depending on how many teams there are.  It is quick, fun and for a worthwhile cause.

The “STRUT” allows ABWA to provide four or five $1,000 scholarships each year to a Spearfish High School student and current students who are attending Black Hills State University.   What started with two scholarships, one to a high school senior planning to attend BHSU and one to a BHSU student, has grown to four or five, thanks to the  generosity of the many sponsors in our communities.

The Northern Black Hills Chapter of the American Business Women's Association (ABWA)  STRUT has produced more than $49,700 for more than 90 students attending BHSU since its inception in 1988. Of course this increases after every year!

Help support our local students and “STRUT for Scholarships” on September 20, 2011.